2016 Executive Board Election

Roger Trageser Oct 31st, 2016
The elections for the 2017-2018 MBN Executive Board Officers is being held at the December board meeting.  All officers are running unopposed, but we still need clubs to vote to re-elect them.  Ballots are being emailed to all club presidents/representatives. If you did not receive a ballot a copy is available on the members only message board
Because of the frequency that some regions now hold there meetings, it might be difficult to get ballots to the region directors in a timely fashion.  Because of this and for this year only (since all officers are running unopposed) you may fill in the attached ballot (typing in the president’s name) and email it to your region director.  If you can print it, sign it, and scan it back in, then email it, so much the better.  If you can get it to your region director personally, feel free to do so.