Smoots Bay Bass Habitat Project - Update

MBN Nation Dec 9th, 2015
Maryland Bass Nation has promoted the placement of 80 concrete reef balls and submerged wood in the northern side of Smoots Bay in Potomac River near the National Harbor.    This structure will replace the depleted grass beds and enhance a primary spawning area for the mid-Potomac area.  DNR Fisheries has secured the necessary permits from the Department of the Environment and the Corps of Engineers and the project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016.   Besides MBN and the National Harbor, the project is also supported by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other conservation organizations.  Funds are being raised for materials.   Donations so far include $10,000 from National Harbor, $5,000 from the Maryland Artificial Reef Committee, and $5,000 from DNR.   We hope to attract grant funds and additional donations from other sources.    MBN hopes that this effort will be expanded to include other suitable spawning locations in the river.   Construction and placement of reef balls, concrete anchors, and trees will need our member volunteers.    More information to follow as the schedule is established.