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2017 Mr BASS Results

Deep Creek Lake: October 7 - 8, 2017

Smoots Bay - National Harbor Project Completed

Stephen Carman Dec 16th, 2017 Permanent Link

The Maryland Bass Nation completed Phase 2 of the Smoots Bay – National Harbor Fish Habitat Placement.    The placement of 12 wooden fish structures under Phase 2 added to the placement of 80 concrete reef balls under Phase 1 last fall.   The wood structures are triangular units of 4 to 12-inch diameter, 8 to 12-foot-long hard wood logs joined with galvanized steel all-thread bars with smaller pieces attached.   They are anchored with three to five 200 lb cast-concrete weights attached with galvanized steel cables.  The units weigh between 900 and 1,600 lbs each.   The wooden fish structures were placed in 4 to 6 feet of water at low tide to provide shelter for spawning bass.  The most of the concrete reef balls were placed in 7 to 12 feet of water to provide deep water structure.

The project will provide fish habitat to replace lost SAV in the Bay.  The bay’s southern exposure, low current, clear water, and gravel bottom offer ideal spawning conditions for bass.  DNR released 1,600 juvenile bass in the bay last year and will monitor the bass population in the future.

The $20,000 project was funded by a grant from the Fish America Foundation and donations from National Harbor, and the Maryland Artificial Reef Committee (MARI).   Volunteers from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, MBN, and the MD DNR constructed and placed the reef balls in 2016.   MBN volunteers for the construction of the wood structures and concrete anchors included Roger Trageser, Steve Chaconas, Frank Arthur, Scott Sewell, Darwin Poler, Greg Ledwell, Brian Trieschman, John Redman, Fred O'Neal, Paul Gietka, Dick Berich, Tony Demski and Brittany Jean Demski.   National Harbor provided the fork lift operated by Keith Payne.   The barge and crane were provided by Melka Marine, Inc. of Alexandria, VA.

Other habitat enhancement projects will be planned in the future.   Look for articles about the Smoots Bay Project in upcoming Bassmasters magazine and BASS Times.

2018 MBN Tournament Dates Announced

Stephen Carman Nov 21st, 2017 Permanent Link
Maryland Bass Nation announces the 2018 tournament schedule!

SQT TRAIL (Best 3 of 4)** - Registration Deadline: March 18th
#1: April 8 (Sunday), Potomac River (Smallwood)

#2: April 29, (Sunday), Upper Bay (Dundee Creek)
#3: August 11 (Saturday), Nanticoke River (Sharptown)

#4: September 8 (Saturday), Deep Creek Lake

** Make-up Date: October 21 (Sunday)


WEEKEND SQT (Central Region)
October 13-14, Conowingo Reservoir (Launch Location TBD)


MR BASS (Southern Region)
May 19-20, Potomac River (Launch Location TBD)

June 1-3, Potomac River (Smallwood)


October 7 (Sunday), Potomac River (Smallwood)


June 18-22, Winya Bay, South Carolina

September 29, Deep Creek Lake


Details to follow!

BASS Nation Championship: Svoboda & Pryal

MBN Nation Nov 17th, 2017 Permanent Link

Rick Svoboda and Mark Pryal at Nations Championship on Lake Hartwell. Although Mark had some good practice days competition time was a struggle. Rick on the other hand made the cut and finished twelth overall. Two years now that Maryland has had a contender reach the third cut down day of competition.

Project Volunteers for Smoots Bay

Roger Trageser Oct 19th, 2017 Permanent Link
On Saturday November 4th MBN will be preparing and placing wooden fish structure in the spawning areas in Smoots Bay.   We need volunteers to cut and assemble log bundles and cast concrete anchors.    The work will take place at National Harbor where the drift wood has been stockpiled for our use.   If you have a chain saw, cable cutters, or large drill, please bring it.    Call Dick Berich (410-218-4618) or Roger Trageser (443-324-6100) if you would like to help.

Eastern Regional Help and Support

Roger Trageser Jun 8th, 2017 Permanent Link
If anyone has the time and the desire to pop over to Anchor Marine next week to help with the BASS Eastern Regional Tournament it would be appreciated.
There is setup on Monday which begins around 8:00 AM and tear down on Friday after the final weigh in. That will probably be around 5:00 PM once awards and presentations are completed. 
Weigh in help Wednesday through Friday would come in handy as well. I believe these should be taking place beginning around 2:00 PM.
Guys this is not any sort of mandate for help just a friendly request. I plan on being there for all of these activities.
Besides it would be great to have some MBN representation cherring on our team.

Trail SQT Reschedule

Roger Trageser May 30th, 2017 Permanent Link
The second SQT Trail event, originally scheduled for May 13, has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 23.

Potomac SQT Trail II Cancelled

Roger Trageser May 11th, 2017 Permanent Link
Weather conditions have put us in a position of deciding to cancel Saturdays Trail 2 event on the Potomac River.
Continuing rain coupled with the forecast for stronger winds and possible thunder storms on Saturday deem this as a better safe than sorry situation.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
With no sense of urgency to reschedule we will get through the summer months and perhaps target October 28th as a make-up date.
Your feedback is welcomed.


Dick Brown May 10th, 2017 Permanent Link
It's that time of year again. Though we have had some really good success with online pre-registration, we are in need of Boaters for this years PVA Tournament. You can still register online at Check-in Registration and partner pairings will be on Friday, June 2 beginning at 4:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion in Laplata, MD.

This year will mark the 23nd Anniversary of the partnership between the Maryland B.A.S.S. Nation and the Paralyzed Veterans of America to support and sponsor this event. On Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4, 2017, we will also be hosting wounded soldiers from the Traumatic Brain Disorder Unit that will be fising in the bank division. These men and women have put it all on the line for us and have had life altering injuries and will need assistance from the bank on Saturday. Even if you don't have a boat we will need experienced fishermen to help these veterans out in their attemps to land the big ones from the bank. Please email me at if you can help out.

We will have newly injured American soldiers attending this event in need of boaters. In addition to some injured soldiers that had previously fished this wonderful event returning to fish with us again. Please do it now ! Sign up today to help.

The tournament will be held at Smallwood State Park on Saturday and Sunday June 3 and June 4, 2017. The park will open at 4:00 a.m.

This project is the largest project that the Maryland B.A.S.S. Federation Nation undertakes each year. Please come out and support the Federation in it's endeavor to honor the wounded soldiers with a weekend of relaxation and fun as well as help out PVA tournament trail anglers that have a significant disability.

In addition to boaters we NEED some of our Federation Members that can back boats and trailers in and out of the water. We'd love it if you could be there both Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon but even if you can only volunteer to be there on one morning or afternoon that would be a huge relief.

Please call me if you have any questions or need help with registration at:

301-695-9091 work
301-471-9519 cell

Thanks so much for your help and support,

Dick Brown
- Maryland B.A.S.S. Nation 1st Vice President
- MBN PVA Tournament Committee Chairman

    2017 President's Conference

    Roger Trageser Feb 26th, 2017 Permanent Link
    Fellow MBN Members,
    I am hoping that we will see a good representation of our clubs at this years President's Conference. Two members from each club may attend.
    Our new venue is the Sykesville Memorial Post 223 American Legion, 7327 Slacks Road, Sykesville Md 21784.
    Dr. Joe Love will be our guest speaker providing us with an update on the health of our tidal fisheries and also answering any questions concerning the tournament operations and requirements for the upcoming season. 
    This annual meeting gives club representatives an opportunity to provide insightful comment on issues ranging from conservation projects, high school and youth initiatives, MBN tournament rules and regulations, the proposed budget and any other subjects that require worthwhile discussion.
    The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM. I hope to have Dr. Love up and presenting by 10:00.
    As usual an excellent lunch will be provided. 
    If anyone has any items that they would like to donate for our youth auction bring them along. It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Roger

    2017 BASS & MBN Membership Roster Updates

    Stephen Carman Nov 29th, 2016 Permanent Link

    The 2017 BASS and Maryland BASS Nation club and membership fees are now due!

    There is no change in process from last year!

    See the message board 'Members Only' Forum for details.

    2016 Executive Board Election

    Roger Trageser Oct 31st, 2016 Permanent Link
    The elections for the 2017-2018 MBN Executive Board Officers is being held at the December board meeting.  All officers are running unopposed, but we still need clubs to vote to re-elect them.  Ballots are being emailed to all club presidents/representatives. If you did not receive a ballot a copy is available on the members only message board
    Because of the frequency that some regions now hold there meetings, it might be difficult to get ballots to the region directors in a timely fashion.  Because of this and for this year only (since all officers are running unopposed) you may fill in the attached ballot (typing in the president’s name) and email it to your region director.  If you can print it, sign it, and scan it back in, then email it, so much the better.  If you can get it to your region director personally, feel free to do so.

    MBN 2017 Tournament Dates Announced

    Stephen Carman Oct 23rd, 2016 Permanent Link

    Maryland Bass Nation announces the 2017 Tournament Schedule!

    SQT TRAIL (Best 3 of 4)
    #1: April 22, Upper Bay, Dundee Creek Marina
    #2: May 13, Potomac River, Smallwood State Park

    #3: August 5, Nanticoke River, Sharpstown

    #4: September 9, Deep Creek Lake


    July 22-23, Upper Bay, Dundee Creek Marina


    October 7-8, Deep Creek Lake


    October 1, Deep Creek Lake


    June 14-16, Upper Bay, Northeast River, Anchor Marine

    Details to follow!

    Could Use Some Captains

    Roger Trageser Sep 20th, 2016 Permanent Link
    Our High School Championship field as expanded a little bit and I've been requested to see if the MBN could drum up some boat captains for this Sunday's event at Dundee Creek Marina. 
    This is not an exclusive request for the Northern Region guys. 
    Anyone interested and able to jump in and provide their service and support is welcome.
    We are targeting a 7:00 AM launch with a 3:00 PM weigh in with food and drink after and perhaps some other special goodies as well.
    If you can jump on board shoot me an email please ( 
    Thanks, Roger

    High School Championship

    Roger Trageser Sep 14th, 2016 Permanent Link
    It was overlooked from a web site posting point of view but never the less we are holding the 2016 High School Championship out of Dundee Creek Marina on Sunday September 25, 2016.
    Launch will be at 7:00 AM with weigh in beginning at 3:00 PM.
    While I am not looking for boat captains (at this time) we could use a few volunteers on the ground to assist with the weigh in.
    Anglers Express is again sponsoring this event while Team Electric will be providing the burgers and dogs (and some other goodies).
    Unfortuanately our traditional weigh master Jim Kline will not be available due to upcoming sugery.
    I am more than happy to pick up the MC duties but could really use some help with the grill and food.
    I'm sure there will be plenty of parents available to assist but I'm hoping to recruit some local talent as well. The North as always represented well.
    If you can give us a hand shoot me an email at


    Reef Ball Project

    Roger Trageser Sep 13th, 2016 Permanent Link
    The reef ball construction phase of the National Harbor restoration project will take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    Volunteer help is requested and information and registration is available at the following Chesapeake Bay Foundation web site.

    Hope to see you there.

    MBN PVA "Turkey Table' Raffle

    MBN Nation Jul 17th, 2016 Permanent Link

    In support of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Maryland Bass Nation presents the 'Handcrafted Wooden Turkey Tables' raffle!

    2016 MR Bass Tournament In The Books

    Roger Trageser May 30th, 2016 Permanent Link
    Two days of wet and chilly weather are what the 2016 MR Bass contendors had to deal with as this years competition was completed on May 21-22. Sponsored by Dick Brown and Nationwide Insurance and hosted by the Central Region this years event was held out of Virgina's Leesylvania State Park. Two boaters and two non-boaters now hold the first four positions on the MBN 2017 State Team.

    First place boater was Charlie Russler of Potomac River Bassmasters who finished with a two day toatal of 30 pounds and .37 ounces. Second place and just .14 ounces out was Liberty Bassmasters Rick Svoboda with 30 pounds and .24 ounces. First place non-boater was JR Robertson also with Liberty Bassmasters with a two day weight of 18 pounds and .07 ounces. Second place went to Potomac River Bassmasters Nathan Catlett with 17 pounds and .56 ounces.

    Interesting to note that the four top finishers represent two clubs. I have to believe that these were partners that came down, practiced hard together, exchanged information and capitalized on their experience without stepping on each others toes. Way to go gentleman.

    Dick Brown and Nationwide provided Ardent reels to our four top finishers.
    Our lunker winner was Mark Pryal with Northern Neck Fishing Team. With a first day catch at 4 pounds and .49 ounces that held up throughout the event.

    Central Region Director Jon Blaine was present along with his two terrific kids Jacob and Kim. Also helping bump fish was Scott Himmelfarb and providing some great camera and video work was Sean Johnson.

    Central handed out MBN engraved compact flashlight/lantern combos that were a big hit and useful to boot. Kudos to Jon's wife for coming up with the idea.

    Young Guns Sams And Duarte Head To Nationals

    Roger Trageser May 15th, 2016 Permanent Link

    With the inaugural 2016 BASS Eastern Regional Qualifying tournament in the books the Maryland Bass Nation will be proudly represented at the BASS National Championship by two young men who have come up through the ranks of our youth program to reach that level that many more seasoned MBN anglers have longed to achieve.

    Boater Andrew Sams from Team Outcast finished three days of competition with a weight of 31 pounds and 3 ounces. Out of a field of over 170 anglers, Andrew's final tally had him placed 35th overall.

    Non boater Michael Duarte, also with Team Outcast, racked up a weight of 23 pounds and 12 ounces and placed in the top ten of his field at 6th place.

    Andrew Sams & Michael Duarte

    Both of these young and accomplished anglers will be heading to the BASS National Championship. The location and date for this event has yet to be announced.

    Andrew will be fishing for one of the three Classic positions along with a package that includes an Elite berth, paid entry to a choice of a Bassmaster Open series, a prize boat and the "Nation's Best" package featuring the use of a wrapped truck and boat for a year.

    Michael will be fishing for the Memorial Trophy, paid entry to a choice of a Bassmaster Open series, a prize boat and a Bassmaster Classic marshall spot.

    The team overall performed well finishing a respectable 6th out of eighteen with a total team weight of 264 pounds and 11 ounces.

    Photos should be heading to our gallery soon.

    ** Maryland DNR Announces 'Tidal Bass Action' **

    Stephen Carman Mar 16th, 2016 Permanent Link

    March 15th, 2016 - Maryland Department of Natural Resources has issued a 'Tidal Bass Action' memo implementing conditional guidelines for large tournaments. These requirements are tied to the recently announced changes in the tournament permitting process. See link below.

    Maryland Bass Nation members can weigh-in and share their comments on the message board 'Members Only' forum.

    ** DNR Tidal Bass Action Memo

    2016 Tournament Fees Structure

    Roger Trageser Feb 29th, 2016
    Permanent Link
      As we all know B.A.S.S. changed their divisional tournament to 3 much larger Regional tournaments beginning with the State Team that will be traveling to Douglas Lake in Tennessee in May. Travel Distance and mileage has increased and we now have 22 members traveling as the State Team vs. 14 in events past for the Mid Atlantic Divisional Tournaments . We have no idea from year to year where B.A.S.S. will hold the Regional Tournament so travel distance and hotel cost could be even farther and higher than this years expense. We kept the same fee structure for last years events leading to this years State Team Regional Qualifier resulting in a pretty significant under-funding of travel and expense money for this years Team. We have maintained that we will continue to fund the State Team with participant entry fees so it is funded using entry fees paid by the contestants not dipping into general funds unless there is an absolute emergency. So, only those members that are fishing our events to try to make the State Team are funding State Team expenses with their entry fees into our qualifying tournaments. That being said in order to fund 22 State Team Members at even a modest level costs more than funding 14 members. Since we went to Regionalization in the 1980's our average revenue for 2 people in a boat has been $200.00; an average of $100.00 coming from each contestant going towards funding the State Team. Up until now our fees for tournament participation remained at that same $100.00 average per contestant It's no longer possible to fund a current State team consisting of 22 members with the current participation levels at an average of $100.00 per qualifying event.

    Knowing that in order to do our best to avoid asking to constantly dip into general funds something had to change to be able to fund the travel, hotel and gas expenses of our contestants at even a modest level. We know we cannot fund all of the expenses participants will incur in these events but want to maintain at least a level that will allow our members that earn a State Team spot be able to financially participate in the Regional Qualifier opportunity with a chance to make it to the National Championship and possibly even the Bassmaster Classic.

    We are changing our fee structure to allow us to financially accomplish that goal. While increases are never the most popular option we simply had to make some changes to be financially able to help our 22 member team with the minimal expenses required to attend and participate in the Regional Qualifier.

    For the Weekend SQT and Mr. Bass the boater entry fee for these 2 day events would increase to $200.00 per event and the Non-boater entry fees would increase to $100.00.

    For the SQT 4 event trail the Boater entry fee would increase to $350.00 with the current payback portion staying at $150.00 of that amount and $200.00 of the total of $350.00 toward supporting the State Team. The SQT Trail rider entry fee would increase to $225.00 with the current payback portion staying at $100.00 of that amount and $125.00 towards the State Team.

    Each of the boaters spots from each venue would contribute $200.00 towards the State Team and each Non -boater spot would contribute at least $100.00 towards the State Team.

    More >>